The new era of technologies

The future is the property of its own, and Al-Halameen is a real introduction to the future and to creating a digital society that can keep up with the latest developments by spreading awareness to all segments of society about emerging technologies and reaching out to the creative power of states in Saudi Arabia.

Our Mission
We contribute to local and regional technological development through our integrated solutions and our commitment to serving our customers by creating unique, globally leading technology products that are products that we take on as global Saudi products while meeting the requirements of information security and privacy.
Our Vision
To be the best choice at the local and regional levels by applying the best solutions and the implementation mechanism to make us deliver world-class services.

Who we are ?

The advent of IoT technologies and technology has created a new business environment based on digital growth and business intelligence applications associated with it, and so on. Through our dedicated team of engineers and technicians, we are committed to pursuing digital technologies that can revolutionize industrial intelligence and cyber security in the Kingdom to create a range of digital services that span the development of applications, decision-making mechanisms, data management and interpretation, and communications that drive digital transformation in Saudi Arabia.


- The outlook and the creation of a digital society capable of keeping up with the latest developments. - Scientific innovation and the dissemination of a culture of innovation and invention. - Highlight the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. - Increase awareness in emerging technology areas in targeted segments to facilitate technology use in everyday life. - Creation a setting that appeals to creative people and transits them into future projects. - Establishment and maintenance IT infrastructure in government and companies. - Keep up with the vision 2030 goals and meet their aspirations.

Our Message

Al-Halameen believes that investment in data and industrial intelligence has become a reality in decision-making around the world and that data are twenty-first century oil, so our priorities are: - Opportunities for transformation creation and change making. - Innovative new product developments are contributing to making Saudi Arabia one of the world's first in the field of technology and industrial intelligence.

Our Values

Create awesome and great looking websites with Essentials.
Create awesome and great looking websites with Essentials.
Create awesome and great looking websites with Essentials.
Create awesome and great looking websites with Essentials.

Our Logo

We ensure that we do our job without error with our integrated quality control system, which is the foundation of our work and that all of our staff always aspire to the impossible to achieve unprecedented levels of quality beyond your expectations and to the ultimate satisfaction we seek for our outstanding performance.

Our Advantages

We are working to share with our customers during the design, deployment and operation phases and provide them with everything necessary to improve their business technology. Furthermore, the offerings that come with the product or service provided make us an effective contributor to the industry, balancing the benefits of pre-available solutions and the creation of new approaches Depending on the customer's needs.

Our Partners

We partner with leading local and global partners in long-term partnerships and agreements, helping to create professional solutions and ongoing support to ensure the best solutions are implemented and successfully manage the services offered to our customers

Solutions & Services

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

1st Saudi app for chat & Communication

We are proud to announce Digita app, which is the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia. All Infrastructure from hosting, servers, Database, and supervision are local and Saudi 100%.

100% Saudi Servers and Hosting  All Servers and Database are located in Saudi Arabia

100% Saudi Servers and Hosting All Servers and Database are located in Saudi Arabia

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Some advantages of Digita

A Saudi Secure Instant Messaging App
(Encrypted & Locally Deployed)
Private & Group Chats
(Unlimited numbers of participants)
Text, Audio & Video Messages
(Arabic/English, Files, Shared Media, Location, ...)
Broadcasting Channels
(Public & Private News & Announcement)
(Android, IOS, Web & Desktop)

Digita Community

We live in a time of unprecedented technological and technological innovation, unlimited growth prospects, and these new technologies like artificial intelligence and the Internet of things, if optimally used, can bring huge benefits to the world. Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives, and societies, with all their forms, have become part of this technical system and interact with it daily. Technology has also extended to government sectors and evolved with the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, becoming human-superior in multiple areas, driving governments to adopt and rely on artificial intelligence technologies to develop their business and make decisions.

What we're looking for?

What we're looking for? The ability to innovate and develop the best data centers, using our expertise in the best techniques used in planning, design and implementation according to the best international standards for building the best data center for our customers

Our Advantages

- Optimal application for secure enterprise communication. - Developed and owned by a national company and operational within the data center of the beneficiary. - Further increase security and documentation access to the system is documented either by the national identification number or by the bilateral verification and is eligible for integration with the unified national entry where The system and its source code are available for security review to ensure privacy and information security. - Can serve as a national digital platform for remote institutional communication. - Avoid using some foreign applications hosted outside the Kingdom which involve many multiple risks. - The system has many features and features that support encryption and keep customer data confidential. - The potential for increased efficiency and capacity Operational as needed, easily and easily. - The possibility of creating specialized digital communities by sector activity where the industry can be coordinated.


Our mission is to create and launch technologies that make the world a better place. We have a long way to go before we can accomplish this task, as what we will present and propose to the world's great problems represents an ambition and a challenge that seems impossible today, but it will be the best choice for the future, with which millions of people will feel a better life. Our goal is to develop ideas and transform them into proven technologies that are truly effective in the world. The idea is to find innovative solutions that support logistics so that the hi Blocks is the address for the individual within the neighborhood to receive and receive/or send all packages through different shipping companies in a manner that matches his time to get service efficiently and easily adds new value.

Why hiBlocks?

- An individual address within the neighborhood allows him or her to send and receive requests at any time. - Door-to-door service coach drop-off team. - Instant reporting, it integration, and notifications of shipment/order status. - Packaging and secure storage of sent packages with the ability to print appropriate labels. - Freedom Choose time / Delivery on time, Receive over time. - Complimentary contact with Customer Service Center. - Clear pricing mechanism evidence of delivery of shipments/packages per invoice. - Offers unique and distinctive in-neighborhood delivery services such as same-day delivery, instant delivery and economy delivery. - The hi Blocks is considered a safety deposit center within the neighborhood and its receipt and delivery.